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Greetings I am Mike Cartel and I’m personally responsible for this rediscovered masterpiece.
I am also the originator of the CinemaCarny school of deferment and no-budget filmmaking.  It took the world 32 years to catch up with my artistry while Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t recognized until half a century after his death.  

If anyone is still reading I must tell you that I grew up on a traveling carnival reading Mad magazine working in and on a midway illusion show and am only serious when actually shooting a movie with some other mark’s money.Mike ext smile

Since I am a carney I look down on no one. I’m certainly not an artist, although I may be something of a showman.

Having said all that, if you fell into this site by design or mistake, I consider you a friend (the complete opposite of a mark, townie or sucker) and deserving of my sincere hospitality.

I encourage you to wander through this funhouse until you feel comfortable enough to write in the mazes of pages about Runaway Nightmare, me or the history of the traveling carnival.  

At the moment I am serious in thanking you for your time and consideration while wishing only a pleasant journey within this ten-in-one sideshow that has become an action/adventurecomedy/suspense/thriller (surrealistic, psychotronic) cult favorite.
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It has been accepted as an official article in WIKIPEDIA as a ‘notable’ and ‘worthy’ subject for inclusion while ‘verifiable’ with ‘significant coverage about the subject in reliable sources.’  

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The angry cat above is the painting hanging in Hesperia's bedroom

The Angry Cat above is the painting hanging in Hesperia’s bedroom

RN news ad Action/Adventure/Comedy/Suspense/Thriller – Runaway Nightmare is the only un-categorized movie in film history.  “The life’s work of a dedicated lunatic.”
– Joseph A. Ziemba Jr.

Vampiria is smitten with Ralph.

SPOILER: Vampiria is smitten with Ralph.

Watch Runaway Nightmare, the Cult film by Mike Cartel – Fandor

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1968 at 19

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1978 at 30

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RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE (The Official Movie Website) reached OVER 2,727 REGISTRANTS as of Feb. 29, after just 25 months of unpublicized existence.

The DEATH VALLEY WORM RANCH thanks you most sincerely. Forgive me for being corny, but I’ll (try) not (to) betray your confidence while keeping the weeds from overtaking this site.
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  1. Regarding the above photo, I am considering challenging Mickey Rourke after his recent win in Russia. I’ll be giving away two inches in height and six pounds in weight, but I’m four years older, so it should be a fair fight. I have several demands (free this and that plus a hefty paycheck), including the needs of my rather large entourage. I say this while recalling that the hardest thing in the world is trying to pick up your teeth from the canvas with your boxing gloves on.

    Also, as a shameless plug I am holding a Retro (director’s cut, etc.) VHS Runaway Nightmare collectors box. Go to http://store.videonomicon.com/collections/frontpage/products/runaway-nightmare-vhs

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